Bluey Valentine’s Box DIY – (Easy Printable)

My kids are obsessed with Bluey. Disney knocked this show out of the park because parents love it too. This year my daughter wanted to make a Bluey Valentine’s box for friendship day at school. This is a super easy Valentine’s Day box, you just need to print, cut, and glue!

How to Make a Bluey Valentine’s Box

This v-day box is easy and affordable to make. Most of the items you need to craft can already be found in your home. I found this free Bluey printable that was created for cake decorating. However it’s perfect for creating a Valentine’s day box! I used the Bandit template for Bluey but in the printable you could make a Bingo, Bandit, or Chili design.

What you need:

How to make:

Step 1

Cut a hole on the top of your Valentine’s Day box where the cards and candy will go.

Step 2

Using a glue stick and tape, cover your box with light blue construction paper.

Step 3

Cut out and trace the Bluey printables on the corresponding colored paper. The printable will tell you the parts and the colors to use – it’s so great and easy!

Step 4

Using black marker, I outlined the body parts before gluing. I think it stands out and looks better.

Step 5

Last step! Glue Bluey’s face to the Valentine’s Day box. Tip: I glued the bottom part of the ears at the top of the box between the construction paper and the box.

Complete! You now have a super cute Bluey Valentine’s box for friendship day at school!

Now I’m going to assume your a DIY type of person who wants to make from scratch. However, if you’re in a time crunch, there are a ton of Valentine box kits ready to ship.

Oh, Biscuits!

That’s the end! We hope this easy Bluey Vday box DIY was helpful. If you’re up for a challenge, last year my daughter and I made a Mario Piranha Plant Valentine’s Day Box. It turned out so good, but a little more advanced depending on your crafting level.

See how we made it: Mario Valentine’s Box – Piranha Plant (DIY)

mario valentine's day box piranha plant DIY

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