Palm Beach Zoo (Know before you go)

The Palm Beach Zoo is a great place to visit and explore if you live in South Florida. With over 500 animals situated in lush tropical surroundings, it offers unique animal experiences and even a water splash pad. We frequent here often as its only a 20 minute drive for us. This is our Palm Beach Zoo guide and what you need to know before you go!

palm beach zoo

The zoo is broken up into 4 distinct regions – Asia, Tropics of the Americas, The Islands, and Florida Wetlands. Each has animals related to the region, picnic eating areas as well as restrooms.


palm beach zoo tiger

Pathways are lined with giant bamboo. This area is home to the massive Malayan tiger, giant aldabra tortoises, llamas, deers, howler monkeys and many birds. Our kids favorite. is the tiger, and you can get really close to it.

palm beach zoo monkeys

Florida Wetlands

Have you ever seen a white alligator? Here you’ll see many animals native to Florida – alligators, flamingos, gopher tortoise, black bears, and many birds. There’s an awesome Florida Panther exhibit and another favorite in the Florida Wetlands is the Otter exhibit. They love to swim, play and once they were very interactive through the glass following my son’s hand.

Mardi the white alligator Mardi has a rare genetic mutation called leucism. He’s not albino but lacks pigment in his skin which can sunburn easily.

palm beach zoo white alligator

In this region you’ll also find more fun for the kids. Purchase tokens to ride the carousel or small train. There’s also a fun nature playground.

The Islands

Water surrounds 3 islands that are home to lemurs and monkeys. Sloths, koalas, golden tamarin, and serval cats can be seen here too. It’s also home to many birds including the Lorikeet Loft bird feeding experience.

Tropics of the Americas

Walk a suspension bridge over water and see giant anteaters, capybara, turtles, and tapir on each side. This area is also home to the beautiful jaguar. This last time we saw her eating off a giant bone. You’ll also see monkeys swinging from giant trees on Primate Island. This region makes you feel like your in the ancient mayan ruins.

Does the Palm Beach Zoo have a restaurant? Yes, there’s a sit down air conditioned restaurant – Latitudes 26. Fantastic place to cool off on a hot summer day. There’s also outdoor seating on a deck overlooking a lagoon where you can order quick snacks and drinks. They serve beer too!

Palm Beach Zoo Map

palm beach zoo map

Meet the Animals

palm beach zoo tiger

The Palm Beach Zoo is home to over 500 animals and 190 different species. If you want to get closer to these amazing animals, they offer a few unique animal experiences!

  • Tiger
  • Sloths
  • Aldabra Tortoises
  • Otters
  • Flamingos

You need to schedule before visiting the zoo as they can fill up quick. Each animal experience is 30 minutes long. From a distance we saw the tiger experience in action and the visitors were very close to the cat. They also it fed it through the fence and it even jumped vertical on the fence to show it’s length!

The Lorikeet Loft is another interactive bird feeding experience. These colorful parrots will land on you to drink sweet nectar from a cup!

blue and orange lorikeet parrot

Cool Off at the Splash Pad

One of the most unique features at the zoo is the splash pad aka The Fountain Plaza. Its at the center of the zoo and connects all the regions. Parents be prepared, there’s no avoiding this one! Recommend bringing a swimsuit or backup clothes and towels. It’s very tempting for kids. The zoo has changing huts nearby.

zoo splash pad

Zoo Lights

Palm Beach Zoo Lights holiday spectacular starts in November through January 2nd. Starts at 6pm-9pm. The annual holiday light extravaganza features more than one-million eco-friendly LED lights throughout the zoo! Christmas time at the zoo is pretty – Holiday music, smores, cookie decorating, and holiday fun! They also have a large Christmas Tree.

See all Palm Beach Zoo events here.

Where is the Palm Beach Zoo located?

West Palm Beach Zoo is located in Dreher Park at 1301 Summit Boulevard, West Palm Beach, Florida 33405. Parking is free.

Palm Beach Zoo Tickets

palm beach zoo tickets

Adult tickets are $27.75 and kids $21.75. Children 2 and under are free! You can purchase a zoo membership for the entire family for $199/year.

If you’re looking for double the fun in one day – guest can now buy the dual discovery pass and you can enjoy the Palm Beach Zoo and admission into the Cox Science Center & Aquarium.


How long do people spend at Palm Beach Zoo? I’d plan about 2-4 hours here.

Are kids free at Palm Beach Zoo? Children 2 and under are free.

How big is the West Palm Beach Zoo? The zoo is home to 500 animals on 23 acres of land. Its a much smaller zoo than the Miami zoo which is on 750 acres of land. Don’t let the size fool you, its still a great zoo to visit!

When does the Palm Beach Zoo open? The zoo opens daily at 9am and closes at 5pm. They only close 2 days a year – on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Does the zoo have a gift shop? Yes, there is a small gift shop near the entry/exit of the zoo. You can find shirts, stuffed animals and other animal related toys.

palm beach zoo gift shop

Have you been to the Palm Beach Zoo? Comment below and let us know! Subscribe for more fun ideas and things to do with kids.

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