Easy Dog Man Costume DIY

dogman costume diy

If your kid’s school is like mine, the days of wearing your Halloween costume to school are over. It’s changed to “Storybook Day”, where kids dress as a character from a book. My son loves Dog Man books so it was an easy choice to make a Dog Man Costume.

Jokes aside, this DIY Dog Man costume is pretty easy to make! You’ll only need a few materials and it’s only a few steps that your kid can help make.

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What you need to make Dog Man Costume:

  • Blue shirt
  • Blue hat
  • Fabric craft glue or hot glue can work too
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Yellow felt (Tip: Buy a large assortment of colors. Mine has lasted me a few years of crafting!)
  • Dog ears from kit or use brown felt for a no-sew option
  • Optional: needle and thread

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How do you make Dog Man Costume (DIY)?

  1. Start by making the template for Dog Man’s yellow symbol that’s on the shirt and hat. I like to draw and cut out the symbol first to make sure it’s the right size for the shirt and hat. Then trace it on the yellow felt and cut out the symbol.
  1. Using fabric glue, adhere the yellow symbol to the shirt and the hat.
dog man costume diy template
  1. You have two options to make Dog Man’s ears:
    • Use brown felt for a no-sew Dog Man Costume: cut the felt into long ears. Using the fabric glue, adhere them to the inside of the blue hat.
    • Use Dog Ears from kit: We had dog ears from a previous costume so we re-used them! I liked the look as they were thicker and looked more official than felt. Cut the ears from the head band and sew them into the interior of the hat. I taught my son how to sew and he loved doing it.

Tip: before you glue, make sure you check the placement of the ears when your kid is wearing the hat.

dog man costume diy ears
sewing dog man costume
Sew Dog Mans ears at the bottom of the hat.
dog man costume diy
Easy Dogman costume DIY is complete! Ready for Halloween or Storybook day at school.
dog man costume

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Who are the characters in Dog Man?

Dog Man book series was created by Dav Pilkey, the same author of Captain Underpants. The main character in the book is Dog Man aka Officer “Greg” Knight. Other Dog Man characters include Petey the Cat, Li’l Petey, Petey’s mother & father, the Chief, and 80-HD the robot.

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