Our Ultimate Travel Bucket List

Here’s our list of places we can’t wait to visit and adventure! Some are much easier and practical to get to but hopefully we will explore them all. Kids bucket list picks are on the list too.

1. Greece

Since college I’ve been intrigued with Greece. Maybe it was my roommate who showed me how to make spanakopita that sparked it. There’s something so magical about the white sugar cube homes overlooking the blue waters of Greece. It’s always been one of our top destinations – we even considered going for our 10 year anniversary but decided to stay closer and go to Bahamas.

2. Australia

Bondi beach. Great Barrier Reef. Koalas. Kangaroos. Need we say more!

3. Tulum

We’ve been to Cancun a handful of times, and love it, and have it down pat. However Tulum has sexy beach boho tropical vibes. It’s also surrounded by some of the most beautiful cenotes.

4. USA National Parks

I’m secretly obsessed with #vanlifediaries. Brandon even bought me a book. I want to RV it to the parks -Yosemite, Yellow Stone, Zion, Grand Canyon to name a few. This would put us way out of our comfort zone but know it would be a blast!

Sloth and baby, Manuel Antonio National Park © Emma Shaw/Lonely Planet

5. Costa Rica

#1 on Wynn’s list – Jungle. Our animal loving kids would explode being able to see sloths, monkeys, leafcutter ants. You can zipline in the rainforest canopy tops, swim in waterfalls, even ride in their river rapids.

6. Northern Michigan

Growing up in Michigan, I’ve been to northern part a few times when I was younger but can’t wait to take the whole squad. Traverse city is known for their wineries and cherry festival. A short drive away is Sleepy Bear Dunes on the lakeside. These steep sand dunes are actually 450 steep! I remember huffing and puffing as we’d climb to the top only to tumble and roll back down. See our recent trip to South Haven, Mi.

7. Breckenridge, CO

Another local Brandon and I have been but can’t wait to take our kids skiing. We even gave Nixon his middle name from this city we love it so much.

Four Seasons

8. Maldives / Bora Bora

Honestly, we’ll take either! Imagine staying on an overwater bungalow. Hearing the water at night, being able to jump into the ocean from your room! Tropical fish swimming by as you sip your coffee or wine. I’ve even seen some of the bungalows come with slides for the kids – young and adult. Bucket list dreams!

9. Hawaii

We spent part of our honeymoon in Honolulu/Waikiki. When planning our 10 year wedding anniversary we almost went back with the kids to celebrate but decided on staying closer and went to the Bahamas. This is still on our family bucket list – we’d love to take the kids on some of the adventures we did – hiking Diamond Head & Manoa falls, Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, fish tacos at dukes, & ride up the coast to North Shore. We would also want to hop to another island like Maui, I’ve heard its totally worth it.

By Terabass

10. New York

This is Nixon’s top pick. We’re pretty sure it’s because that’s where dad goes to work a few times a year. We’d love to take the kids to do all the touristy things – Time Square, Central Park, Lady Liberty, and all the good food options.

Abercrombie & Kent

11. African Safari

This one might have to wait for a while, a long while. Kids are too young, it’s expensive, and dangerous. However, I hope someday we can pull it off. CAN NOT imagine seeing Elephants, Zebras, Lions, Giraffes in the wild.

Flamingo Beach

12. Aruba

Flamingo beach is a private beach on the island where you can see flamingos walking around the white Sandy beaches.

13. San Diego

Wynn and mom picked this one. Mom’s excited to see the south Cali coast and eat fish tacos and Wynn’s excited to see the sea life – natural and captive.

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