100 Days Brighter Shirt (DIY)

100 days brighter shirt

This year for the 100th day of school shirt project, my daughter fell in love with the idea of colorful gems! Last year, we made a very cute 100th day of school monster with 100 googly eyes. We’re only 3 days out from the 100th day of school and this year we’re crafting a “100 Days Brighter Shirt” with a sunshine. See our easy steps on how we make this DIY 100th day of school shirt!

How to Make 100 Days Brighter Shirt

Our DIY 100 days brighter shirt is easy and affordable to make. Most of the items you need to craft can already be found in your home.

What you need:

100 days brighter shirt

How to make:

Step 1

Using felt, cut out your 100 block numbers. Our numbers were 5 inches tall, however next time I would have made them a bit smaller (4 inches). It’s best to measure based on the shirt size and your child’s size. You can choose any color, we liked the look of black numbers on our white shirt.

Step 2

Using yellow felt, cut out your sun. We cut half a circle and then cut sun rays the same size to fit the shirt.

100 days brighter shirt 100th 
day of school

Step 3

Add your letter stickers to spell “Days Brighter” to the middle of your sun half. Use fabric glue as reinforcement to make sure the letters stick to the shirt if needed.

Step 4

Stick 100 colorful gems to your numbers. We went for a rainbow theme and used colored gems in that order. Since this is for the 100th day of school, make sure to count out 100 gems. This is an easy task to give your kid!

100 days brighter shirt

Step 5

Last step! Glue your numbers and the sunshine to the shirt. Tip: I put a large book inside the shirt so glue doesn’t stick the shirt together.

100th day of school shirt - 100 days brighter

Complete! You now have a super cute 100 Days Brighter shirt for the 100th day of school!

Now I’m going to assume your a DIY type of person who wants to make from scratch. However, if you’re in a time crunch, there are a ton of pre-made 100 days of school shirts ready to ship.

100 Days Brighter Shirt Ideas

Here are more decoration ideas that can be used to make your 100th day of school shirt for the saying “100 Days Brighter”:

  • Create a sparkly rainbow with clouds
  • 100 Stars
  • Light Bulb with 100 pom poms
  • 100 Googly eyes
  • 100 Eyes with sunglasses

Have fun creating a shirt with 100 items on it but keep in mind your child will be wearing their 100 items all day.

100 Days Sharper Shirt

Following similar steps above, this year my son created a one of a kind large shark tooth to go along with the the 100 Days Sharper theme. There are lots of shark shirts with 100 teeth out there, but he loved the idea of one large tooth. He filled in the 100 with 100 sparkly gems.

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