13 Reasons to Love Bakers Cay Key Largo with Kids

bakers cay resort key largo kids

If you’re looking for a family friendly resort in the Florida Keys, look no further! Bakers Cay Resort is mix of luxury, laidback keys vibes, and unlimited fun activities for the whole family. There’s a reason it’s rated #1 resort in Key Largo by Tripadvisor.

Bakers Cay is our happy place and my family comes as often as we can as we’re lucky it’s an easy 2 hour drive! See our ultimate guide of the resort and also how we won the family Halloween costume contest one year.

This round-up of the kid approved reasons to love Bakers Cay Resort contains affiliate links, where I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

1. Movie Nights

bakers cay in keyl argo movie nights popcorn

Every Friday after sunset, head over to the hammock lawn also known as Ben’s Garden for a movie night under the stars. Fresh popcorn and full size candy bars are available at no cost! Pirates of the Caribbean, Brave, The Incredibles, and Hocus Pocus are a few of the flicks we’ve seen on the large inflatable screen.

We loved the inflatable lounger hammocks so much, we bought 2 for our kids.

2. Free Fishing

bakers cay key largo fishing

Daily from 8am-10am grab a fishing rod and a bucket of shrimp and head out to the large pier for fishing. Our kids love fishing at Bakers cay, we’ve caught lots of Grunts and Snappers on that dock. Keep your eyes open for rays, dolphin, manatees, and nurse sharks that like to hang around.

3. Unlimited Paddle Boards and Kayaks

bakers cay girls kayaking

Most resorts will charge you to rent a paddle board or kayak. Not at Bakers Cay Resort, these are available to everyone to use at their beach. The mostly calm waters make it an easy paddle.

4. Foam Party

bakers cay foam party

Bring on the bubbles! Don’t miss the 10am foam party on the garden lawn every Wednesday & Friday.

5. Smores on the Beach

bakers cay smores on the beach

Around 7pm on Saturday, the Cay Team passes out smores kit and skewers so you can make your own smores on the beach, while the sun is setting in the background.

6. Beach Bingo

bakers cay key largo bingo on the beach

B5? While your relaxing on coconut beach, the bingo game is brought to you. Play bingo right from your beach lounger. You may win like we did!

7. Prime Florida Keys Snorkeling

bakers cay snorkeling star fish

If you love to snorkel, why not stay at a Florida Keys resort with great snorkeling right off the beach. We love it as you don’t have to go deep, your guaranteed to find lots of sea-life in the shallow waters. Beyond the expected fish we’ve seen seahorses, starfish, a horseshoe crab, sea urchin and sea snails.

Our favorite snorkel masks.

8. Sunsets

Golden hour at Bakers Cay is unreal. We never venture off property for dinner as we don’t want to miss the sunsets. If mother earth’s beauty isn’t enough, the resort passes out their signature rose during the golden hour. Grab a flute and head out to the pier.

10. Pineapple Scavenger Hunt

bakers cay pineapple scavenger hunt

Another super fun activity for the kids that keeps them busy! Throughout the property are around 15 hidden pineapples, find them all by solving clues and wine a prize. It takes around an hour to solve.

11. Family + Adults Only Pools

bakers cay resort pool waterfall

When you’ve had enough of the salty beach, head over to the pool to cool off! Bakers Cay Resort has 2 pools: 1 for families and another that’s adults only. Both have a waterfall and there’s also a hot tub, bar, and snack truck for quick bites. Daily at 2pm, come for kids pool games lead by the wonderful Camille!

12. DodgeBall

You read that right. This past mothers day we had 7 families in total and I assumed we’d be watching the kids throw and a few balls at each other. The Cay team don’t mess around. After the kids played, they pulled moms vs kids, and then moms vs dad. While our little leaguer kids beat us moms, the staff still gave each of us moms free drink tickets for our hard work ha!

13. Beautiful Beaches

bakers cay key largo beach

If you’ve visited the Florida Keys you know that beaches can be hard to find, especially good ones. Bakers Cay has 2 beautiful Key Largo beaches – coconut beach is the more lively beach near the water activities and tiki bar.

bakers cay resort beach toys

Hammock beach is you’ll find more private beaches that are hidden in the Mangroves and trees. A more secluded spot with great views, also fully equipped with lounge chairs and hammocks.

Don’t forget beach toys to help keep little kids entertained.

Book Bakers Cay

bakers cay resort room ocean view

It’s got to be obvious now how and why we love Bakers Cay Resort! Its paradise for families looking for a great beach vacation that offers many activities for kids – adults too. We’ve been quite a few times but always look to see how we can get a sale price on the rooms as they can be expensive.

We recommend to view deals and rates on Trip Advisor to compare.

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