The Ultimate Guide to Meow Wolf Denver (plus secrets)

Meow Wolf Denver – secrets, tips, and tricks to plan your trip right meow.

If you’re looking for an out of this world experience, Meow Wolf Denver is a must-do. It’s one of the coolest experiences for any age. I’m sharing all the details on how to get there, what to see inside, and where to find Meow Wolf’s secret puzzles!

We recently visited Meow Wolf Denver on our way back from a Breckenridge ski trip. We had less than 24 hours in Denver before our flight back to Florida and packed in the fun.

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Getting There and Parking

Meow Wolf Denver’s Convergence Station is located downtown at 1338 1st St, Denver, CO 80204 right next to Empower Field at Mile High stadium.

Parking is available except on NFL game days. It costs $15 to park and you must use credit or debit.

meow wolf denver security
Check-in and security lines.

They recommend arriving 10 minutes before your reservation time. The ticketing and security lines are outside. There’s 2 lines based on your entry time, we arrived a little late and got right in.

What is Meow Wolf?

Meow Wolf is an arts & entertainment company with the mission “to inspire creativity through art, exploration, and play so that imagination will transform our worlds.” Their mission is a success! Read more about their 3 unique locations below, Meow Wolf Denver is called Convergence Station.

Meow Wolf Denver is the largest of all- 4 story, 90,000 square feet, and 70+ unique installations this immersive art exhibition.

meow wolf denver

Convergence Station

Once you’re through ticketing and security, welcome to Convergence Station! The entry floor also known as QDOT (Quantum Department of Transportation) will transport you to the four alien worlds. Pick your elevator and get ready to be amazed and immersed.


Do you want to dive deeper into the story and uncover clues to unlock puzzles? Grab a QPASS, an optional interactive card that transforms your visit to Convergence Station into an immersive quest.

We decided to pass on this as we figured our kid’s attention span wouldn’t last, but there were a few times we wish we had a pass.

WARNING: This post is full of spoilers, where to find the secret puzzles and what to expect when visiting Meow Wolf Denver.

Meow Wolf Denver – Open Every Door

Just when you think you’ve seen all there is to see in a room, open every door – more lurks behind!

meow wolf kitchen

I’m won’t try to explain the layout of the mind-bending Meow Wolf map, as you’ll continuously discover new rooms and experiences.

Below are the 4 different connect worlds with some of the things you can expect to see and secrets to look for in each:

Numina – Six Dimensional Plantet

meow wolf denver

Magical swamp? Alien planet? However you describe it, my jaw dropped when entering into the lush world of Numina. It’s the largest section with multiple portals into with multiple levels.

It took artists 4 years to create. If you’ve seen Disney’s Strange World, you feel like you’re in the movie!

meow wolf denver numia

Speak in to the Ears of Numina: Look for glowing ears on the walls, and if you talk into them, they’ll talk back.

Frog Egg Garden Secret: . It’s in the middle section of the spaceship looking bulb with circular windows near the top of the structure, also known as Cosmohedron Tower. If enough people sit on each cushioned “seats” and touch the windows, the ceiling of “frog eggs” will awaken – chirp and glow pink.

frog egg garden

More secrets and puzzles to look for in Numina:

  • There’s Qpass readers that do not have a video screen throughout Numina. If you tap your Qpass card, it will trigger an activation.
  • When you come across one of the illuminated spheres try touching them. Also known as Faerie Orbs.
  • Find the telescopes on the upper walkways, if you point them to the correct location another activation appears.
meow wolf numina
The attention to detail is unreal. Not only is Meow Wolf visually stimulating, there’s sounds everywhere.
meow wolf denver
This was a fun and trippy passage inside of Numina.

Eemia – Ice World

Ride a spaceship, sit on an alien robot throne, and get lost in the bright musical cathedral. Keep your eyes up at the sky as its constantly changing and moving.

meow wolf eemina

The ice world has multiple hidden puzzles that trigger activations.

Unlock 2 Meow Wolf Denver Secrets in Eemia:

Secret Wormhole Puzzle: Two robots reside in Eemia, the “navigator” robot is on the left and looks like a thrown you can sit on. and “spider” robot is to the right, looks more like a spaceship.

Using the navigator robot’s controls on the left, align the planets on the ceiling and the robot on the right will open a worm hole in the sky.

meow wolf denver navigator robot
Navigator Robot

You’ll need a QPass to use this activation or see the full cheat code here .

Cathedral Organ: Play the correct pattern on the pipe organ by pushing knobs and pulling cranks and a symphony of sound and colors will fill the space. The Qpass will tell you the exact pattern.

meow wolf cathedral
Meow Wolf Denver Cathedral in Eemia. You can see the white organ pipes in the middle that if played correctly will activate.

C Street – Explore City Life

Transport into a future metropolis city on C Street and explore the laundry mat, theater, art gallery, even a salon. Our kids loved checking out the 2 cars as they had multiple dashboard controls that were interactive.

meow wolf denver c-street

Walking on C-Street, one of the payphone’s rang and I picked it up and another person was talking to me on the line – WILD! Our kids hilariously were clueless on what it was or how to use it.

Supposedly there’s more puzzles that are unsolved related to the phones throughout Meow Wolf.

meow wolf denver payphone

Pizza Pals Playzone: My favorite discovery was the pizza room. Take the stairs down and look at the history of the mysterious pizza palace. Inside the room is another secret door to a robot dancing room. But there’s also a video game here, and a dark “easter egg” (hint: watch the news report with audio).

meow wolf denver pizza pals playhouse

Sa-Lawn Beauty Shop: Want to try a new hairstyle? The vanity mirror can activate crazy hairstyles to appear on the mirror. Continue to open the closet door to reveal a security room with monitors and a phone. The locker door also opens into another passageway.

The movie theater played a very trippy video that had seats for about 20 people. We watched it for a few minutes. There’s another hidden door inside the theater that takes you into a disco room.

meow wolf corner store

In Mr Corner Store, say hello to Erk. There’s suspected puzzles inside based on all the codes on the wall.

Ossuary – Uncover a Labyrinth

In the subterranean world of Ossuary, it’s a fill with columns, crystals and many mysterious corridors.

Another hidden secret is there’s small numbers, codes and pictures on the wall that can activate certain things in other areas. One example is one specific code opens a memory box that can be used on one of the phones which gives you access to character recordings or specifics tasks.

meow wolf library
The library is another must see.

R@z Nest is the dicey part of Ossuary. Tap your Qpass card on Vend-L vending machine and you’ll be sent on an adventure. In the center of the room, choose an opponent and battle to boxing rats.

Rat Battle in Meow Wolf

Find the secret door from the R@z Nest or Daydreamers and discover the Sequencer Room, full of musical touch screens.

Meow Wolf Denver Tickets

How much does it cost? Tickets per person range from $40-$55 depending on the day. Weekends are obviously more expensive. Meow Wolf opens at 10AM every day and closes at 8PM during weekdays and 12AM on weekends. Buy tickets here.

Does Meow Wolf Denver serve food and drinks?

HELLOFOOD Cafe & Bar serves food and drink on the QDOT section of Convergence Station. They serve beer and wine for adults and have good snacks and treats for the kids. Food and drink must be consumed in the cafe, it’s not allowed in the exhibits.

meow wolf denver food

It’s the perfect place to take a break from the mind bending immersive experience of Meow Wolf. We took a pause and enjoyed a local beer and our kids each picked a sci-fi themed ice cream.

meow wolf beer and icecream

How long does it take to walk through Meow Wolf?

Plan to spend about 2-4 hours. There is so much to see, it’s up to you. We left after 3 hours and know there were definitely things we missed out on!

What to wear to Meow Wolf?

Be comfortable and casual. You’re moving the entire time exploring new places. At one point we even crawled on the ground! We visited in the winter but left our coats in the car, however there’s a coat check inside.

Where are the Meow Wolf Locations?

Meow Wolf has 3 location in Santa Fe, Las Vegas, and Denver. Each with their own unique theme and spin:

  • Santa Fe, NM is where the first installation was created in 2016 – House of Eternal Return. Get lost in a house full of secret passages and unknown. Make sure to open every appliance, especially the washing machine which is a portal to another universe.
meow wolf santa fe washing machine
Credit: Kate Russell, Meow Wolf
  • Las Vegas, NV Omega Mart is the 2nd Meow Wolf location which opened in 2021. Explore a extraordinary supermarket that leads you into worlds of unknown! This location includes 3 massive slides for guest to ride down.
meow wolf las vegas omega mart
Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart at Area 15 in Last Vegas | Credit: Meow Wolf
  • Denver, CO Convergence Station is the newest and largest of the 3 Meow Wolf locations. Explore this 90,000 square-foot Sci-Fi art exhibition with over 80 exhibits.
Meow Wolf Denver

While I’m hoping and praying a location comes to Miami or New York, all current locations are in the Western USA. If we head to Santa Fe or Las Vegas, you better believe we’ll be checking out their Meow Wolf.


During these nights, you can explore Meow Wolf Denver kids free and enjoy 3 bars inside the exhibits! Explore the worlds of the Convergence Station with only adults – 21+. This is perfect for a date night or a birthday party. Meow Wolf Denver Adulti-Verse happens one night a month, so check out their event calendar.

Credit: Sam Nguyen

We loved our experience at Meow Wolf Denver! It’s fun for any age with so much to see. Have you been to Meow Wolf? Comment below and let us know!

meow wolf denver c-street


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