Swimming with the Pigs of Rose Island – Nassau, Bahamas

Swimming with the pigs was once on our bucket list – checked that off twice now! It was so memorable when my husband and I went to the swimming pigs of Exuma, we knew we wanted the kids to experience it too. Rose Island is a much closer and convenient way to see the swimming pigs from Nassau, especially if traveling with kids. It’s a small island just east of Paradise Island. A short and scenic 25 minute boat ride.

Swimming Pigs Excursion

The pigs of Rose Island are cared for by Sandy Toes Bahamas. Purchase the all day excursion which includes snorkeling, a private island, unlimited time with pigs, an open bar, and a buffet lunch. As our boat pulled up to the island one of the pigs was awaiting us dockside! It was the cutest welcome ever. Boats depart around 10am and we had a full 6 hours on the island. We had the BEST time together as a family.

swimming pigs from nassau
Meet Ginger one of the swimming pigs from Sandy Toes Bahamas

Swimming pigs from Nassau

The rose island pigs are born and raised on the island by Sandy Toes Staff. They’re tame and trained. We never worried about the kids being around the pigs as we’d be more cautious around the wild pigs of Exuma. They’re also well taken care of, every 30 minutes the pigs were rotated back to their home to give them a break and a new set would come out. The staff was fantastic! If you want your instagram photo, this is the place. You’ll never feel rushed and can take as many photos or videos.

Do pigs swim?

Not only do pigs swim, the swimming pigs of Rose Island also take commands like sit, swim, and wave. The pigs are more trained than our dog. Ginger was our favorite, she gave the kids real life piggyback rides.

swimming pigs from nassau

Rose Island Snorkeling

You have the option to snorkel right when you get off the boat. That’s the only time you can get your gear as the staff has to fit you for your flippers. Totally recommend the reef is beautiful. Your given a shark deterrent bracelet which we thought was a joke at first, but it was definitely not a joke, it created a magnetic field where they steer clear from.

The snorkeling waters have to be around 25 feet deep. Right as the group got into the water a stingray came right up on the shore. Our daughter Wynn, had a bit of a meltdown, as she would rather see the swimming pigs than snorkel. I ended up snorkeling with our son Nixon for about 15 minutes before switching with Brandon. In that short time, we saw a sting ray, multiple huge purple coral that appeared like swaying fans and even a puffer fish. They give you a life jacket to wear around your waist that helps you easily float above as you stare straight down.

snorkeling at rose island
Credit: Sandy Toes Bahamas

Pig beach

Crystal clear, calm waters. There’s lounge chairs with covered umbrellas to enjoy and relax with. However, we spent most of our time on the beach and with the pigs. The kids could never have enough naturally. The other thing to mention is the beach was extremely clean. If you’ve seen the wild pigs of Exuma‘s you know, they go to the bathroom all over the beach – yuck, and which you swim within. The IG photos and YouTube reels don’t show that! On the one end of the beach there are 4 hammocks beachside. Kids enjoyed looking in the rocks for sea creatures, it’s second nature to them trying to find critters and they found plenty of crabs and snails in this spot.

rose island beach

Rose Island Bar & Food

There’s a bar on the island that’s up a few steps on the cliff overlooking the beach. Drinks are included; adults get unlimited beer and mixed drinks and kids can have all the fruit punch and Shirley Temples (don’t recommend ha). Frozen drinks would be an up-charge.

Lunch is buffet style made by the staff, its pretty good! Barbecue chicken, hot dogs, salad, pasta salad, dinner rolls, and rice, simple, easy, and tasty food to run down as your mind is still drifting away on what other paradise you have next to conquer with the rest of the day.

Peacocks & Chickens

We came to see the swimming pigs, but were shocked to see peacocks and chickens roaming the island! Two of the males the entire time had their feathers out trying to attract a mate. There were also baby chicks which the kids loved seeing as well.

Tip: We found a cheaper rate purchasing through Trip Advisor. Plus Rakuten also usually runs a cash back promotions with Trip Advisor.

Tip: Bring cash to tip the trainers and the staff that work the island, they really deserve it. Also bring towels & sunscreen.

We feel Sandy Toes on Rose Island was the perfect place to see the swimming pigs, especially with kids – see how it compares to Exuma Pig Tour!

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