7 Tips on Hosting a Cookie Decorating Party (Stress-Free)

Are you looking to host a cookie decorating party? I recently threw a cookie party for 20 kids, YES 20! Here are the tips and tricks to help you throw a fun and stress-free cookie decorating party for any age!

cookie decorating party with kids

Baking Christmas cookies is a tradition in my family. I’m a make-it-all-from-scratch type of girl, but having kids I’ve quickly learned for my own sanity, it’s OK to buy things store bought. The key to a stress-free cookie decorating party is to plan and make ahead, especially if it’s a cookie party with kids.

1. Make the cookies ahead

The mess can escalate real quick when baking cookies! Avoid the flour explosion and time spent waiting on the cookies to bake and cool. Make your cookies the day before your party. For more time saving, you can always purchase the cookies already made.

If your throwing a cookie decorating party for adults, make the dough ahead and give each their own ball to roll and cut.

making christmas cookies
Nixon helping make the cookies the day before the party.

2. Mix in a few fun cookie cutters

Yes continue with your staples… the gingerbread man, star, Christmas tree, stocking…but add in some fun unique shapes! Unicorn, shark, octopus, palm tree, and wine bottle are a few do our favorites! Sur La Table has the best cookie cutter options in store. Most only cost $1 (this is a great take home gift too).

cookie cutters

3. Cover your table with a tablecloth

Protect your table from sticky mess with a disposable Christmas tablecloth. They look festive and you can easily throw away the mess after. If you live somewhere warm, setup the party outside.

Need table and chairs? I found a local rental place and it only cost $30 for 10 chairs and a table!

4. Use frosting squeeze bottles

I’ve thrown a cooking decorating party where I made the icing from scratch in multiple colors. Trust me, it’s not worth it if your a busy gal like me. Plus kids don’t know or care! This last time, I purchased frosting squeeze bottles in multiple colors and it’s so worth it.

Each decorator should have a butterknife to help spread and toothpicks are also a great tool for icing.

cookie decorating party

5. Have lots of sprinkle and topping choices

Colored sprinkles, Christmas sprinkles, and don’t forget the candy eyeballs – very important. Mini marshmallows, M&Ms, and chocolate chips are also fun ideas for cookie decorating.

6. Give everyone a large plate to decorate on

This will catch all the icing and sprinkles! We used large rimmed Christmas paper plates – again easy clean up.

kids at cookie decorating party

7. Have togo boxes available

There are so many adorable and festive Christmas cookie togo boxes your guest can take home their creations in. That is… if the cookies are not ate before the end of the party!

There you have it – 7 simple cookie decorating party tips! During our party after the kids decorated cookies we played a the saran wrap ball game AKA pass the parcel if you watch Bluey. See how to play the game here!

saran wrap ball game

After all that fun, we set up a movie night outside! Popcorn and Home Alone. It was a GREAT party!

movie night outside

What do you need for cookie decorating party?

Plan ahead and decide how much you want your guest to do and how much premade things you want.

  • Cookies
  • Cookie cutters
  • Sprinkles and toppings
  • Different colored icing
  • Icing spreading tools like butter knifes, spoons and toothpicks
  • Something to catch each decorators icing and sprinkles – Large rimmed plates or baking sheet

How many cookies should I bake?

I recommend having 4 cookies per guest.

How do you host a cookie decorating party for kids?

Have everything premade and ready on the table. Set up each kid with their own plate to catch all the mess. If you have a large group of kids, break it up into 2 sessions. Have a fun activity for the group to do like a Christmas movie or our favorite Saran Wrap Ball Game.

How do I host a cookie decorating contest?

Turn your cookie decorating party into a fun competition! Have prizes for whoever decorates the best cookie or who makes the worst/funniest cookie. Challenge your guest and have them design a cookie self portrait which should create some good laughs!

What should be in a cookie decorating kit?

Give each guest a cookie decorating kit, instead of presenting all cookies and decorating tools on the table “family style”. Pack it with cookies (recommend 4), icing, sprinkle and topping options.

Have you hosted a cookie decorating party? Comment below and let us know! Subscribe to see more fun things to do and place to go with kids.


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