Saran Wrap Ball Game

saran wrap ball game

If you need a fun and interactive game for the holiday’s, the saran wrap ball game is it! Imagine a ball filled with gifts and treasures but trapped inside layers of saran wrap. You have to unravel it as much as possible before the person next to you rolls doubles on dice. We just threw a Christmas party with close friends and played the saran wrap ball game with 20 kids. Here is all you need to know on how to play this game!

Saran Wrap Ball Game Rules

What you’ll need:

  • Saran wrap ball filled with prizes
  • 2 dice
  • A bowl or pot that will contain the dice. (We started our game without this and they were rolling everywhere!)

Rules are quite simple to play this game:

  1. All players sit in a circle.
  2. Decide who goes first – they’ll get the saran wrap ball. Tip: Start with the youngest player or draw papers out of a hat and one says “winner”.
  3. The player to the left of the saran wrap ball rolls dice until they roll doubles. Once they yell “DOUBLES” and the player with the ball stops unraveling it. All the prizes that fell out during their turn are theirs to keep!
  4. The saran wrap ball goes to the player who was just rolling dice. Everything moves clockwise.

Game Variations: If you’re playing as adults, have the ball unraveler use oven mitts to add another challenge.

How To Build the Saran Wrap Ball

What you’ll need:

Put your jackpot prize in first. That will be the last item unraveled! For our game with kids, I put a $10 bill with a big red bow on it. Start to wrap the prize an change the direction of the wrapping so it slows down the unraveling. Add in prizes as you wrap. I will cut the saran wrap a few times during it so if someone goes on a roll it will have to stop and they find the start again.

saran wrap ball game
We bought our wrap at Costco. They have 2 mega roles which equals 4 normal size boxes for $11.

What do you put in the saran wrap ball game?

If you’re playing with little kids: candy, dollar store toys, money, gift cards, pokemon packs, hot wheels.

If you’re playing with adults: candy, money, gift cards, alcohol, shot glasses, hot sauce.

saran wrap ball game prizes

How many items do you put in the saran wrap ball game?

I recommend about 3-4 prizes per person. The goal is the game at least go around once. We played with 20 kids, we had 60-70 prizes and the ball went around the circle one and half times which is great.

How long does the game last?

The saran wrap ball game lasts about 10-20 minutes. If playing with little kids have an adult help them with the dice.

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  1. How fun! Always wondered how many times you can go around a circle. Lots of variables too like #of people, quickness of unwrapping, etc. Happy Holidays Salt Family!

  2. This looks like a blast for all ages!

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