10 Fun Beach Games for Families – 2023

Looking for fun beach games the kids will love and adults too? From classic favorites to exciting new options, we’ve compiled our top beach games that can keep the whole family engaged and active at the beach. Get ready to soak up the sun and have hours of fun with these top beach game recommendations!

This round-up of the best beach games for families contains affiliate links, where I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

Our Top Beach Game Picks

1. TidalBall

Corn hole meets bocce ball.

people playing tidalball on the beach

A beach game for all ages – played anywhere there’s sand. TidalBall is like a combination of bocce ball and cornhole. It’s easy to port around as the entire game can fix in 10-ounce bag!

2. Spikeball

Action packed fun.

people playing spikeball on the beach, woman diving to catch the ball.

The best way to describe this game is “if volleyball and foursquare have a baby”! If you’re looking for an active competitive game that’s also fun, Spikeball is it!

3. Beach Cornhole

Collapsible and portable!

beach cornhole game that can travel and collapse

3×2 foot beach cornhole game that packs into an 11 inch carrying bag. This beach game is perfect for travel as it’s lightweight, can easily fit into any bag and can set up in minutes. Comes with stakes to hold it to the ground on windy days.

4. Bucketball

Giant yard pong.

girls playing bucketball which is like yard pong on the beach

All ages can have fun in the sun with this giant yard pong game. Add more sand to the buckets on those extra windy days.

5. Waterproof Uno

Water-resistant & great for travel.

waterproof uno game

Who doesn’t love a classic game of Uno? Uno Splash Card Game is great for the beach or pool as the cards can get wet! It comes with a handy clip which keeps all the cards together and attaches to a beach bag, backpack, or camping gear.

6. Beach Toss & Catch Game

Velcro catch for up to 6 people.

kids playing toss and catch game with velcro paddle and sticky ball.

A classic beach game that’s been around forever, I remember playing as a kid. Catch the soft ball with a velcro paddle. Play with 2-6 players!

8. Waterproof Football

Waterproof football

Get for the beach, pool, lake, or park. The perfect ball to play football and catch at the beach. It’s waterproof and can hold up to the conditions.

9. Ladders Ball Game

Family beach game for any age.

ladder ball beach game

My family loves ladder ball game as its fun for any age and little skill is needed to play. It’s easy to assemble and comes in a portable carrying bag – a great beach game addition! Object of the game is to throw the bolos and get them to land or wrap on the ladder poles to score points.

10. Beach Paddle Ball

Classic Beach Racket Game.

Surfminton comes with 2 water-resistant paddles and 4 balls in a reusable mesh bag. The orange balls are used for slower and short distance play while the yellow balls are used for a faster and long distance play game.

Our Beach Essentials 2023

Our list of favorite beach day essentials when hitting the beach especially with kids.

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So, there you have it—the ultimate collection of the best beach games to elevate your seaside adventures. Whether you prefer a friendly game of beach football, a thrilling round of spikeball, or the lounge-friendly game of Uno, these games are guaranteed to bring laughter, competition, and endless fun to your beach days. So pack your beach essentials, and get ready for an unforgettable beach experience filled with excitement and camaraderie. Let the games begin!


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