Easy Costumes with Normal Clothes for Halloween

We love halloween but also are usually last minute decision makers which can but us in a crunch. When thinking of easy last minute halloween costumes, we’ve put together a list of easy costumes with normal clothes.

If it’s getting close to October 31st and you need halloween ideas – here’s a look at some of our easy last minute costume ideas over the years.

This round-up of easy costumes with normal clothes contains affiliate links, where I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

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Easy Costumes with Normal Clothes for Family of 3

Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Costume

Great costume idea for a family of 3. Our Wizard of Oz family costume was sans a Dorothy. Half of our costume came from our closet. The lion costume I DIY’d from a baby’s onesie and I sewed on the lions mane out of yarn. The black tank was also from my closet and I ironed on the words “Oh My”. Tiger costume and bear shirt were an easy Amazon find.

Wizard of Oz costume - Lions, and Tigers, and Bears
Wizard of Oz costume – Lions, and Tigers, and Bears Oh My!

Foxes & The Hound

Our fox and the hound costume was super easy! My daughter wanted me to dress up as a fox with her. We found the fox vest , ears and gloves at a halloween store. The rest of our costume was our own clothes. Our daughter Wynn, wore a ballet leotard with leggings and we bought the fox ears and tail set. My husband only had to purchase a dog costume set of ears, paws and a tail.

Fox & The Hound costume
Foxes & The Hound

The Price is Right

This is a super easy costume that could be worn solos or for a family up to 5! We DIY’d this Price is Right costume in an hour with materials we already had at home! You just need construction paper, foam board/cardboard, string, scissors and tape!

The price is right costumes
The Price is Right Costumes

Easy Costumes for family of 4

Wreck-It Ralph Costumes

This costume won us 1st place in a halloween costume contest (read all about it and how we made it)! For the Wreck-it Ralph costume you just need a orange shirt and overalls. My Fix-it Felix denim top and shorts came from my closet too. I purchased a blue hat and using felt added the FF logo.

Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf

Our son wanted to dress up as a wolf one year so we followed suit and decided to be the 3 little pigs. The wolf hat and our daughters pig costume were purchased second hand on Poshmark (great place to find affordable costumes). The pig shirts were a last minute find on Amazon. The rest of our costumes were our normal clothes from our closets!

Three Little Pigs Costume
Three Little Pigs Costume

Easy Costumes with Normal Clothes for Couples

Wayne and Garth Costume

Not only is this an easy costume you can throw together with clothes from your closet, it’s a fun costume for couples. If you need the hair, here’s where you can get a Garth wig and Wayne’s World wig.

waynes world costume
Waynes World Costumes – easy costume with normal clothes from our closet!

Tacky Tourist Costume

Grab a Hawaiian shirt, beach hat and sandals with socks and your ready to go! To really go for it, give yourself a white sunscreen nose too. This was a very last minute costume idea we threw together one year!

Tacky Tourist Costume
Tacky Tourist Costume

More ideas and tips for easy costumes with normal clothes

  • Wear a halloween shirt
  • There are many different festive headbands available from cat ears to orange and black witches hat.
  • Use makeup or face paint to dress up
  • A white bed sheet can easily be used as a greek toga or a basic ghost
  • With a striped shirt and white gloves dress as a mime
  • Buy a mask
  • Wear a same colored sweat suit or pajamas, add a traffic cone hat and you’re a crayon!
DIY Crayon Costumes - orange, red, blue and green crayons.
DIY Crayon Costume | Credit: The House That Lars Built

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